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Dog Found After 15 Days
My dog had been missing for 2 weeks and 1 day. I called someone who had found a beagle which may have been mine, but he wasn't. The finder told me of your web site. Immediately I logged on and there was an add which sounded like it may have been my dog. I contacted the finder, and yes, yes, yes! It was my dog. We're too thrilled to have him back home, all because of your unselfish love for pet and this web site.

Thanks a million bones!!
Grayson, Georgia

Lost Westie Returned Two Months Later
Thanks to your web site my wife and I were reunited with our lost Westie. Missing from Nov.4, we were contacted by a gentleman who had found our dog on the day it disappeared and he returned him to us on Jan.8. After finding our ad on your web site he contacted us, and due to our description, confirmed our loss. We can not thank him, his wife, and children for taking such good care of him. We will never forget their kindness.

Also, Thanks again for your service.

Dog Lost During Fireworks
I posted the information on our lost dog "boxer" that was lost during the 4th of July fireworks that "spooked" him, and the very next day was contacted by a person who saw the dog but was unable to get close to him. The man looked here and saw our ad and the description matched as well as the area we had lost him at, and contacted us using the information we provided in your site.
We are very thankfull for your site! Because of it, we got our lost family member back.
Thank you so very much!

The Kozlowski family
Midlothian, IL.

Returned in Time for Christmas
I would like to start off by saying thank you for having this website! I am always picking up pets that have wandered from their homes and try to locate their owners. It is extremely hard to do this when the news paper charges so much to place a found ad. They do have a free ad that runs one day but if the owners happen to miss picking up the paper that day, they miss the ad. Which is what happened in the case of a Jack Russell Terrier and a puppy Black Lab. They wandered onto my dads 2 acre property out in the country. He took them in for fear that the coyotes would get to them. He already has 3 dogs of his own and I have 3 dogs and 1 cat of my own. So, neither one of us had room to keep them. I proceeded to look for their home. I notified the Humane Society, placed the free ad in the paper, placed ad on this website and drove around looking for signs. My dad had them almost 3 weeks before we realized that they needed to be placed in a new home. I did receive several calls for people wanting to adopt the Jack Russell but no bites on anyone wanting to take both of them together. So I told my dad that I would contact one of the organizations that I've dealt with in the past on placing the dogs up for adoption. For some reason I kept putting it off. Throughout this time I was still checking this website to see if anyone had lost these two cuties. I couldn't get it out of my head that SOMEONE just had to be looking for them. I gave it one last shot...I logged on and happened to stumble someone that lost a Jack Russell and emailed them to ask for further description on him. Then went back to the page I found him on and saw a female Black Lab listed with the same phone #. I don't know why I hadn't seen this ad before because it was placed the day I placed mine. I called the # and was pleased to hear that the family had been missing them terribly. They had put up signs but they were either taken down by the city or they simply flew off. They looked in the paper but must have missed the day the ad I placed ran. There had also been several dog thefts in their area so they just thought that they must have been stolen. One strange thing........ they don't know how the lost ad that was placed on this site got there. They hadn't even heard about this website.

The family and their 4 legged friends were happy to be reunited...just in time for Christmas! Many Thanks!!

Dog Found 45 miles away
About four hours after posting my notice about finding a lost puppy my wife received a call from the owner. Amazingly the owner lived about 45 miles from my home. She had been visiting friends near my house on Sunday 1/24/02, when the dog got away from her. She tried to catch it but it got lost. Three days later it showed up at my house. Thank you very much for this great service. We returned the puppy to it's family last night!
Bob Nickel
Chicago, Illinois

Dog Lost at Music Festival
On June 15, I lost my dog while camping at a music festival in another state. I took a week off from work to search for her. I contacted local businesses, and distributed hundreds of flyers. While family members continued to look locally, I followed the festival to three other states, distributing flyers and searching parking lots. Meanwhile, my coworkers placed an entry on your website. I returned to work, devastated, on June 23. I received a call that afternoon in response to the entry on your website, and I retrieved my dog the next day! She had been taken in by a nice family, and was doing well. I was so worried and upset!

Thank you so much for your help.
Brian Zomorodian

Animal Shelter Returns Missing Dog
Our beloved little dog was returned safely after missing for 2 days. It wasn't because of the Internet ad I posted--- but I wanted to tell you what a wonderful site you have and it gave me great hope to have a 'visible' place to tell the WORLD we were looking for him. Thanks aging for providing this service!
Kellis Bunner

Animal Shelter Returns Ferret
I listed my pet ferret as lost on 10\6 and through your site I was able to find her!! I recieved an e-mail and was lead to her at Animal Haven in Shawnee Kansas, She was brought in by Overland park animal control. Than you for beeing there with your service It was great. Olathe Animal control still has a male ferret brought in on the 7th I hope he finds is way home to!
Thanks Marie Farrington and children and our ferret!!!

Easy to Use Tool....
Just like to say how reassuring using your system was. Luckily the cat came back by himself, but the ease at which I entered details and then was able to remove them was effortless and took a lot of worry away from a trying time. Hopefully will not have to use you again, but will not hesitate in doing so if need be.

Cat Found After 3 Months
Thank you for your ad sevice. Miracle upon miracles. Our cat has been found after 3 months and is now at home again.
Sasha Poyner

Lost Bird Returned to Owner
Hello -
I wanted to thank you and the folks who used your service for bringing my Patagonian Conure home to me! I would never have expected my bird to survive the outdoors, have the fortune of being found by a bird lover AND for that person to post on a site that I found by doing a search on Google. It really is a miracle. My whole family (including 2 other birds) are thrilled to have him home.
I will tell everyone about your site!
Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for following up.
I just heard back from Mike and he said that he finally got Peaches back.
Thanks for following up.

I want to thank the Internet Lost and Found service --you provided Hope and something I could DO to get my dog back home. When my pet was missing --I felt guilty, and so helpless --not able to do and see and MAKE sure he was okay... your service provided some needed relief from those negative unproductive feelings --thus allowing me to FOCUS on finding him....Additionally -- using the links and tips gave me knowledge that ultimately connected me to my pet. Without the encouragement and "How To" info. I would have not known, that MOST pets are found through the owners commitment to word of mouth, flyers, calling & visiting shelters, etc. --- very helpful --very valuable -- and it worked!!! Thank you again.
Sincerely -- Yve Moore

I Found my puppy today.....
Thank you so much for providing this service. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones, I found my puppy today.....
Sincerely, Susan R.

Shelter Returns Dog
Thanks for posting this ad on the Internet.
A shelter located me and said they had received a dog that fit the description.We went to go see the dog and it was it was our missing dog Blue! Thanks soooo much.
Sincerely the FAMILY!!!

Wallet Returned from Different City
This is a wonderful site!! Thank you very much for such a service.
It is very helpful for people who have lost items and sometimes you think there is no way you will get it back and u find it here in this site. I had lost my wallet in a different city from where I live and the person who found it had put it up on this website!
Praveen K

Dog reunited after 6 months
The orignal owner who lost the dog 6 months ago has been found via the internet. I will continue to search for whoever has taken care of him for the past 6 months so that they will know he is safe at his first home.

Thanks Susan
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