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Business and Organizations provides businesses and organizations the facility to manage and more importantly, publish*, their lost and found information. We provide our clients with an efficient, succinct platform to aggregate, register, publish, process, return, and dispose of lost and found information vital to a successful customer service experience. For business and organizations this means a robust and dynamic “found” inventory platform. Here how our process works:

Item is Found and Registered Item is then potentially Matched* Contact of Patron made Resolution Via Shipment or Recovered in Person

*Items are matched by:

a) Venue Admin match

b) Patron match via online matching service

Property Registration Process

Once a lost or found object is loaded into our system, it immediately goes through a publishing process in order to create the greatest awareness possible for recovery. When your business or organization uploads found property, that information is immediately displayed on your venue page on, our universal search results on, and on your website (if applicable)*. The process doesn’t stop there, however! Since we are facilitators of recovery, pushes this information out to social media channels too. If you have a Twitter or Facebook page, this information can be automatically published there too! This happens on both the lost and the found side, so third party guests can know how and who to contact.

The Resolution Process

Once an item is claimed by the owner, the check out system provides the ability to invoice and charge the owner with mailing costs, material costs, etc. to return the item. The owner is sent a hyperlink through which they pay online for all of the costs associated with the return of the item. Once paid, the system sends the owner the tracking information for their mail, based on the mail service provided.

Patron Pays Fee Online Item is Prepared to Ship Item Ships Patron receives Tracking Information by email

The Platform provides any organization with what we call a Venue Page (VPS), which is a lot like a profile page on a social media website, except a venue page reflects lost and found information, including reporting and searching capabilities for their specific location. You can register for your venue page here: . Many elect to simply link their website with their venue page on

For businesses and organizations concerned about their brand, and wish to retain and publish this information on their website, provides a custom page for their website with all of the required input fields necessary for reporting and searching. See example.

All of this is provided to your organization or company for FREE!

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Why use is eponymous to its function, giving us the most logical and recognizable name online for lost and found issues. We have made great effort to expand this philosophy by engaging our portfolio of similarly functional domain names: ,,,, and more! Since 15% of internet traffic is by direct navigation, our job is to attract and engage the other 85%, which we do by having extraordinary reach and functionality. No other website is totally devoted to the publication and recovery of lost and found pets and property!

The Venue Page System’s intellectual property has created the Venue Page System (VPS) – a unique system of creating “virtual” lost and found pages for any public space or location. Our network is unrivaled for reach and scope using this format.

Mobile App

Because of our unique position of using the Venue Page System, no other organization has the dynamic capabilities of Our patented Mobile App System (MAS) is directly linked and controlled by your Venue Admin, giving you the ability to send alerts to your employees via our reporting system.

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Benefits for Businesses and Organizations

Customer Service is the number 1 priority for most businesses. Your patrons will be relieved and alleviated of great fear and stress when you tell them that you use Some of the benefits to your business include:

  • Higher Customer Service Satisfaction!
  • No long term contracts. Use and engage at will.
  • Quickly go live! Sign up is fast and easy.
  • Save employee time and effort (particularly front desks) by redirecting the issue to your website or venue page on –
  • Ability to match or have matched found property in house or by the patron themselves*
  • Inventory, Ship, and Track recovered property
  • Turn your lost and found from a loss center (no pun intended!) to a profit center!

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Publishing Your Found Inventory

Many people have expressed concerns if they publish their found inventory. How will I know that the item has been returned to the proper person? Won’t people abuse this? has found that we experience approximately a 3 to 1 ratio of lost versus found on our website. So users do feel comfortable loading found property on our website. We agree with this philosophy, as the alternative is leaving found property in a box or closet, never to be recovered. How will any owner ever recover their property if they have no way of searching for it?

One of the important features on is the ability for owners to use our matching service that matches lost property to found property. If found property is NOT inputted into our system, this puts a limit on what we can perhaps match.

With that said, we are concerned about any possibility of abuse, and point out that we take the following steps to avoid any problems:

  1. We recommend that any found descriptions or pictures omit at least one significant detail about the object as a “truth test”. The rightful owner should know the answer to your question about this feature.
  2. We limit the number of inquiries the lost side can make to the found side within a given amount of time or else there is a fee. This stops people from using our platform as a spamming machine for found items.
  3. All of our communications are through our network, so we have information about an owners email and phone number. If you are contacted in any other matter, we would advise you to be cautious and diligent regarding the processing and hand over of personal property. Take information, and consult law enforcement.
  4. In the Venue Admin, and in the Deleting process for any found property, you have the ability to put in ID (Identification) and contact info by the claimant, so that can be looked up if there is an issue.
  5. We recommend that if you have any questions or concerns handling found property that you turn it in to your nearest law enforcement agency.

Remember, when you publish found inventory, you are creating an opportunity for recovery that doesn’t exist if the owner doesn’t remember where the object is lost – a high probability. At we not only publish the data on our website, but push that information out on social media platforms to be seen! The risk in in the transfer execution. Take legitimate information from the claimant (like a picture of a driver’s license), record any phone numbers, emails, and addresses for future use if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Business and Organizations

  1. Does it cost anything? is free to all users. There are electable services that owners (of lost property) can engage to enhance their recovery. There is no charge to set a venue page or your own feed for your website.
  2. How do I sign up?
    Sign up at
  3. Are there any hidden fees for my business?
    Fees are structured to come from the owners of lost property.
  4. How do I add the data to my website?
    You can pick up your code to display the data on your website in the venue admin section.
  5. How does the customer pay for the shipping and handling?
    When an item is claimed, the venue admin sends an invoice with postal charges, and processing fees to the owner. The owner then pays through our system, and the mailing label is produced. Tracking information is provided at that point.
  6. I have questions or concerns regarding this. Who do I contact?
    Contact our customer service at
  7. Is the mailing process secure?
    We use Paypal as our third party provider for all transactions.
  8. I am concerned about publishing my found inventory. Do I have to?
    No. The venue admin gives you the ability to not display your found inventory. If you have any concerns, please see our page about that at
  9. What is an advantage to using this service?
    While there are probably many providers of lost and found content,’s Venue Page System (VPS) creates many advantages. One example, is allowing third parties to report a found items at your location that haven’t been turned in to your lost and found office. In short time experiences at a venue (like a concert), it can mean the immediate recovery of a lost object.
  10. How can I let our users know about this?
    Simply direct them to your venue page at or set up this content on your website.

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The Internet Lost and Found provides users with the ability to locally distribute their online ad using posters. These posters contain an Ad ID number which corresponds to the online ad.
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