Press Article: Brian's Pick and EAF Top Picks, February 13, 2017

Brian's Pick and EAF Top Picks, February 13, 2017

By Brian Withycombe

It is always rewarding to review an app that has the potential to be a lifesaver.’s mobile app certainly qualifies in this department. This app is an extension of the website. If you haven't visited their website, take a moment to see the good work they are doing in helping people find and recover lost items. This app takes things one step further in its ability to help. Your phone go missing? Simply go online and log-in to their website, and you can send a signal to the app on your phone to start making a racket! Obviously, if it is close by you will hear it, but if it is not, you can send instructions to the finder of the phone. This has been done before in other apps but combined with other features it is a great addition. Another place this app excels in is in pet recovery. Dog run away? You can quickly send out an alert in the specific area your dog ran away and even tag the location on a map. Add pictures, a reward, the dog's name and instructions you would like the recovering person to know... As a pet owner, this feature alone is worth it!

Perhaps one of the more important features of this app is its ability to link to the venue page on Companies and organizations can post lost items on their websites page, and by going to the venue page on the app, you can review them and even post your lost item......all in one place. This is ideal for places like airports, train stations, taxis, and hotels where stuff goes missing all the time. It all happens in real time and can be the difference between recovering your item or missing the opportunity. All things considered’s new iOS app is a winner and could one day save you from losing something priceless. Download it and ease your mind! EasyAppFinder gives it 5 Stars!

Brian Withycombe CEO

Easy App Finder & The App Addict

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