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Whether you have lost or found an article or pet, LostAndFound.com provides a database to search for the owner or finder. In either case, you may first need to select your country from the drop down at the top right of the page, labeled "Select Your Country". The URL LostandFound.com will default to the country based on your IP address.


Fundamentally, LostAndFound.com is divided into two distinct databases: a "Lost Database" and a "Found Database". The " Lost Database" contains information from owners reporting their pets/property lost or missing. Conversely, the "Found Database" contains information from finders who have recovered lost or missing pets/property. In order to avoid confusion, you will need to be aware of which database you are searching.

Basic Search

Owners looking for their lost property or pets will be Searching in the Found Database, labeled Search for Found Items. This database consists of articles and pets that have been reported found by individuals or organizations. To search this database, please do the following:
In addition to the lost and found databases, there is a third database for Venues. The "Venues Database" allows users to search for their lost or found pets/property at a specific location. Whether an Animal Shelter, Airport, Stadium or someplace else, the venue database allows the user to report and search at these public localities. To sign your venue up for your own venue page, please click here.


Owners looking for their lost property or pets will be Searching in the Found Database.
To search this database, please do the following:
  1. Please make sure the dropdown underneath the header is set to: "I LOST A (an)"
  2. In the field to the right, please enter your search query. DO NOT ENTER "LOST" or "FOUND" as a keyword. We already know that information based on the database you are searching. (HINT: Try to use keywords that are specific to your inquiry. Use category, color, brand or breed to start. Stay away from ambiguous words like "nice" or "friendly" that are opinion rather than fact.)
  3. If you would like local results only, please check the box that indicates that request. Alternatively, use your postal/zip code or the name of your town/city/state/province.
  4. Press the SEARCH BUTTON to the right of the query field.
  5. The next page will give you the results of your search query.
  6. Press on the hyperlink of any ad that is relevant in your search results to bring you more information about that listing. This will bring you to the detail page for the ad.
  7. Once you have arrived at the detail page, click on the contact information to retrieve a phone number (if provided) or use the form to communicate by email. In order to reduce the probability of fraud, Owners are only allowed to access 3 different FOUND ADS before they are required to purchase credits for access to any further Found Contact Information.
  8. If do not see any relevant results, try searching in broader terms. For example, search by state, instead of by zip code. To search by state, choose your state and omit the zip code. To search the country omit the city, state and zip from the search parameters.
  9. If you have too many results from your query, you can use the keyword function to narrow down the possibilities. For example, if I know the breed or color of my lost dog, I might try to put that in the keyword field on the results page. You can use the Keyword Function for almost any word that you can think of that might relate to your lost article or pet.
  10. If you still have too many results, or are dissatisfied by the results, try using the Advanced Search options page, which will give you more parameters to choose.

The role of the Date in your Search

Please remember that relevant results for you will be items found on or after the date you lost them. While the database may contain similar items to yours, if something is reported found on a date prior to your loss, than it will not be yours!

Other Options

You might be wise to search your area for near matches without any additional parameters (search just zip code, or state) as sometimes people will make mistakes and fill out an incorrect category, or give an incorrect description.

Venue Search

For those that believe their loss occurred at a particular location, they can elect to go to the Venue Page and search only data relevant to that venue. In order to do so, simply select "Search by Venue" in the dropdown underneath the header (3rd selection). Put in the Venue's name (and city or zip if necessary) to look up the Venue's page on our website. Once on the Venue page, please repeat steps 1-10 for searching. Only data relevant to that venue will appear, so your search will be simpler, but your options fewer. To find out more about Venue Search, please click here.


If your search is unsuccessful, please report your loss here. For more information about entering your ad (reporting) into the database, please click here.
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