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Reporting / Listing Your Lost Article or Pet

Whether you have lost or found an article or pet, The Internet Lost and Found provides a database to search for the owner or finder. In either case, you will first need select your country from the drop down at the top of the page, labeled "Select Your Country". The URL LostandFound.com defaults to the United Sates.


To report / list your lost property or pet, you will need to click on the icon in the center left of your country's homepage labeled, "Report Lost Item" This will enter your information into our Lost Database to be viewed by potential "finders" of your lost property. It is imperative that you enter all relevant information about your lost article or pet, and that the information is entered accurately. To enter your information, please do the following:

Submit Contact Information:

  1. Submit your contact information. Remember that The Internet Lost and Found does not ask for your personal information for your ad, and we do not require you to provide it. All that is required is an email address and phone number. Please see our privacy policy for more information
  2. Submit your password. The password is any number or letters, or combination thereof that will allow you to edit or delete your entry later. It is in no way related to any personal password or pin that you may have.
Submit Lost Property or Pet Information
  1. Category / Subcategory - Choose the category and subcategory description that best fits your lost property or pet. If you are not sure which category or subcategory to choose, please look at our list, and/or search the database to see what other people have selected for a similar object.
  2. Title - Put a short, generic description of the lost article or pet here. DO NOT USE AMBIGUOUS TERMS! (Words like nice, sweet, loving, cute, etc. have no relevant meaning - and will not be useful for searchers! These words are opinions and not facts) For pets we suggest putting the color and breed if known in this area. Do not put the name of the pet here - again it won't mean anything to the searcher. For lost articles we suggest putting the color, brand and/or type of item, i.e. "black cd player". Remember that this line will be seen by searchers, so a short, succinct explanation is best.
  3. Specific Description - enter any and all information that describes the lost article or pet. Characteristics that may differentiate this item / pet from others are particularly helpful. Size, shape, weight, contents, type of material, appearance, should all be considered when filling out this field. If you think it is helpful, you can put the name of the pet here.
  4. Brand - enter the brand of the item in this field. If unknown, please put unknown. Brand will be required for all categories except Animals.
  5. Model - enter the item's model number if known. Animals are omitted from this requirement.
  6. Serial # / ID # / Baggage Claim# - enter any identification number associated with this item. For lost baggage, enter your baggage id # if known. Again, Animals are omitted from this field.
  7. Primary Breed - For Animals Only. Enter the dominant breed that the animal appears to be. If not known, select unknown, if a mixed breed, select mixed. For help discerning breed please check out http://www.breedlists.com
  8. Secondary Breed - For Animals Only. Enter another relevant breed that the animal appears to be. If mixed selected for Primary, enter here the next logical breed type that the animal appears to be. For help discerning breed please check out http://www.breedlists.com
  9. Gender - For Animals Only - Put the gender of your lost animal here.
  10. Primary Color - enter the dominant color of the article / pet here
  11. Secondary Color - enter the next dominant color of the article / pet here.

Submit Location Information

  1. Date - Select the date item / pet was lost. It is important that you select the date that the article / pet was lost and not today's date. Why? If your item /pet has already been found, than searchers will not be looking for items / pets lost after the date found.
  2. Location Type - select a location type for where your article / pet was lost if known. If unknown, or not applicable, select n/a.
  3. City - enter the city or town where your item was lost
  4. State - enter the state where your item was lost
  5. Zip - enter the zip code of where you lost your item. This is very important. Even if you do not know the specific zip of the area you were in, a town zip code will do. Use the zip code look up if you are unsure of the zip code.

For Travelers, Commuters, and Local Transportation:

The Internet Lost and Found provides a unique function for lost property and pets that allows ads to appear in multiple localities. For example, if you lost something while traveling on a plane from New York to Los Angeles, your lost ad will appear in both places. Why is this important? This utility serves an important function because the finder of your lost property will not know the origin of the owner, and therefore will look for the owner in the local area. Since your ad can now be seen in both places locally, it raises the possibility for recovery.
  1. Select Your Departure and Arrival Points. If you have a lay over point, this can be selected as well. Select the same state for both Arrival and Destination if you are traveling within the same state.
  2. Select Your Mode of Travel
  3. Fill out appropriate fields
  4. Go back to Section 1 to complete the rest of the required data or for further information

Premium Services:

The Internet Lost and Found provides a number of ad enhancements for your lost ad entry.


The Internet Lost and Found allows users to place a Reward Icon on the Search Results page, which indicates that the owner placing the lost ad has offered a reward as an incentive for returning their lost article or pet. In addition, the owner elects and enters the reward amount on the Ad Detail page.

Email Matching

Lost ad entries can elect to have near matches of their lost articles or pets placed by finders in the found database emailed to them. This gives owners an opportunity to check near matches soon after they are placed in the found database.


Adding a photograph assists searchers in identifying a lost article or pet. You can elect to ad a photo to the detail page and/or a thumbnail photo, which will be viewed on the Search Results page.

Bold / Highlighting

Lost ads can be enhanced through bolding and or highlighting the ad. This can help differentiate your ad from the next, and creates a higher degree of visibility for searchers.

Featured Ad

Lost ads can be placed at the top of local search queries as well through this function. Your ad will be the first to be seen as it will be placed at the top of the page. Again, it creates a higher degree of visibility for your ad versus other ads.

Spotlight Ad

For any other questions or concerns, please email our customer service area.

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The Internet Lost and Found provides users with the ability to locally distribute their online ad using posters. These posters contain an Ad ID number which corresponds to the online ad.
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